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Hydrangea is One of the Most Loved Flowers in Japan: Check out our Top 5 Hydrangea Items Selection!

This blog post is guest written by one of our One Map by FROM JAPAN team members, Ariel! Enjoy!

Get these 5 Beautiful Hydrangea Items from Japan!

Hydrangea (紫陽花 “Ajisai” in Japanese) is a popular flower that it’s mostly associated to Japanese’s summers as it blooms in June and July during the rainy season (tsuyu, 梅雨).

There are more than 100 varieties of this flower in Japan and during the beginning of summer, it’s possible to visit temples and park where hundreds of these flowers bloom, showing one of the most beautiful scenery ever.

Hydrangeas Japan

We can assure you that Japanese people love so much Hydrangea season that every year, in occasion of this beautiful flower season, new limited edition items are released!

Here are the items that you don’t want to miss out!

1. Yukata (Ajisai Version)

When thinking of summers in Japan, Yukata might be the first thing that comes to mind.

During Hydrangea season, new beautiful Yukata are on sale: mostly you will find designs in soft pastel colors with shades of blue, purple and pink which are the colors of most hydrangeas in Japan!

We have selected two of the cutest Yukata items, the first one is a “modern” Yukata, while the second has a more traditional design.

Modern Yukata

Hydrangea Pattern Modern Yukata

Traditional Yukata

Hydrangea Pattern Modern Yukata

Find this yukata here!

There are infinite choices for Hydrangea Yukata design, and can be found on our website One Map by FROM JAPAN:

Hydrangea Pattern Yukata FROM JAPAN

How to Order Hydrangea Items Featured in this Article

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You can also check out our more detailed blog post about how to order items from Japanese websites!

2. Glass and plates (Ajisai version)

The beautiful combination of Ajisai and shades of blue, purple and pink makes it perfect for Japanese to create beautiful designs like these plates and glasses!

Imagine inviting your friends for an afternoon tea and using this beautiful set that you can find only in Japan!

Hydrangea Plates

Hydrangea Glassware Japan

Japanese Website

Hydrangea Glasses

Hydrangea Glassware Japan

Japanese Website

And if you are would like to check out more items, there are so many pretty other designs that can be purchased through our website:

Hydrangea Glassware FROM JAPAN

3. Umbrella (Ajisai version)

With the beginning of the rainy season (tsuyu, 梅雨) in Japan, one of the most sold item is umbrellas. Forget about boring umbrellas and be prepared to see a lot of funny and colorful designs!
Japanese people didn’t miss out the chance to release umbrellas with beautiful hydrangea design as well! We have selected a couple of umbrellas with an adorable Ajisai pattern:

Hydrangea Umbrella Japan

Hydrangea Umbrella Japan

More umbrella in Ajisai design can be found on One Map by FROM JAPAN:

Hydrangea Umbrellas FROM JAPAN

4. Accessories (Ajisai)

We haven’t forgotten about accessories that are able to elevate outfits to another level! These Japanese accessories are so colorful that make you want to wear them whether it is a beautifully made pin or a scarf with a detailed Hydrangea’s pattern!

Hydrangea Pins

Hydrangea Pin Japan

Hydrangea Scarf

Hydrangea Scarf Japan

More Hydrangea Accessories can be found on One Map by FROM JAPAN:

Hydrangea Accessories FROM JAPAN

5. Letter and stationery items (Ajisai version)

Last but not the least, you will be fascinated by stationery items that will be available during this period of the year! When hydrangea meets traditional Japanese stationery, only one word pops into our minds: elegance!

Hydrangea Stationery Japan

More hydrangea stationery items from Japan can be found on One Map:

Hydrangea Stationery FROM JAPAN

If you have fallen in love with hydrangeas and these cute Japanese items, don’t hesitate to go to One Map by FROM JAPAN and add items to your cart or find other or more items for purchase!