14 Upcoming Anime Figures to Add to Your 2017 Summer Plans

Packed with a lineup of new Nendoroids, long-awaited re-releases, anniversary celebrations, and more, our list of upcoming anime figures for summer 2017 highlights the most anticipated collectibles coming out of Japan this season. Keep reading to see if your favorite characters made the cut!

MegaHouse – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: Lelouch Lamperouge & Kururugi Suzaku (June 2017)

Megahouse’s Code Geass 10th Anniversary Lelouch and Kururugi figures are so detailed you might need the Power of Kings just to decide which angle to display them. The 99th Emperor of Britannia and Knight of Zero are portrayed at the height of their power, wearing billowing mantles that provide a sharp contrast to their sinewy physiques. Although Kururugi’s staid expression is fixed in place, Lelouch comes with three face parts that let fans depict the many facets of his complex character.

Alter – Love Live! School Idol Festival: Minami Kotori (July 2017 Re-release)

Alter’s popular figure of Love Live’s songwriter Minami Kotori returns this July for another show after a successful run in 2015. Metallic glitter paints add texture, glam, and a whole lot of kawaii to Kotori’s frilly idol outfit as she effortlessly skips toward her devoted audience. Fans of μ’s will fall in love with every detail of this figure—from the delicate ribbons flowing from her gilded crown to the plush bird perched atop her shoulder. Whisk her away to a festival this July.

ARTFX J – Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-: Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (July 2017)

As the incarnation of the katana gifted to Lord Date Masamune, Shokudaikiri Mitsutada strikes a regal pose with half-drawn sword in hand moments before battle. What makes this faithful rendition by ARTFX J stand out is Mitsutada’s understated-yet-stylish black formalwear that’s as impressive as his master swordsmanship. Small details like the red-accented studs on his plated armor and flowing tassel complete the ensemble.

Good Smile Company – Fate/Stay Night – Saber Alter: Vortigern 1/7-Scale Figure (July 2017 Re-release)

For years, many Fate/Stay Night fans have considered Good Smile Company’s 2011 Saber Alter figure the Holy Grail of collectibles. While many stylized Saber Alter figures exist, there are two reasons this 2017 re-release is so coveted: no other figure includes Saber’s ultimate weapon of dark energy Vortigern; and with her dark details and gold-tinted eyes hidden behind a blood-streaked mask, this homage to Heaven’s Feel most closely resembles the Saber Alter that fans have come to feel deeply connected with.

Aquamarine – Vocaloid: IA “Rocks ver.” 1/8-Scale Figure (July 2017)

In our countdown of the 7 most popular Vocaloid idols, IA ranked high on our list at #2—right behind the legendary Hatsune Miku. If that’s not enough reason to get hyped for this 2017 IA figure, then the fact that it’s only her second release to date certainly should be! Similar to Aquamarine’s first figure design based on Aka Akasaka’s original illustration, IA’s untamed pink locks bring the idol’s natural poise and feminine physique to life, while this time around she appears on stage without her jacket for a more casual performance.

Good Smile Company – Kill la Kill: Satsuki Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshoku, & Ryuko Matoi Nendoroids (July 2017 Re-release)

One of the most popular re-releases of the season, the 2014 Nendoroid Kill La Kill series is fighting its way back to the market this July—Scissor Blade in hand! Satsuki, Mako, and Ryuko come packaged separately but provide the most punch when displayed together. From Mako’s adorable dog Guts, to Satsuki’s favorite rooftop observation point, the Nendoroids come with a range of tiny props and special effect parts to capture the anime’s wonderfully weird world.

ARTFX J – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric (July/August 2017)

It’s been eight years since Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s last figure release, so it’s understandable why fans are already building metaphorical transmutation circles to summon ARTFX J’s Roy Mustang and Edward Elric figures due out this July and August. These highly artistic sculptures capture everything fans know and love about the characters in two equally stunning masterpieces. Roy’s reputation as the Flame Alchemist is emphasized by the semi-translucent blaze appearing at his feet, while Edward’s sculpture comes in a coveted limited edition version, featuring an alternative grinning face and bare torso that puts his metal arm on full display.

Good Smile Company – Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov Nendoroids (July/August 2017)

You’ll want to eat katsudon with these adorable Nendoroids of Yuri and Victor from the hit anime Yuri!!! on Ice. Extra facial expressions and props let you freeze-frame your favorite moments and create all-new scenes to fulfill your fandom fantasies. The transparent bases easily double as miniature ice rinks, making posed maneuvers on tiny skates all the more convincing. However, the real ice-ing on the cake is the chibified poodle Makkachin, who can be displayed alongside Victor to ensure he won’t steal any steamed buns!

Good Smile Company – Cardcaptor Sakura: Kinomoto Sakura “Stars Bless You” 1/7-Scale Figure (September 2017)

Good Smile Company’s 15th anniversary celebration culminates in this breathtaking 20th anniversary Cardcaptor Sakura figure. Kinomoto Sakura floats amidst translucent wings and astronomical apparatus as if to show off her mastery of magic, making for a perfectly sculpted rendition based on a new original illustration by the famed manga team CLAMP. While we highly recommend adding this deluxe “Stars Bless You” figure to your Cardcaptor Sakura collection, a simpler version focusing solely on Sakura will be released in tandem for fans with a limited budget.

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