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10 Popular Anime Figures to Warm Your Heart in Winter 2017/2018

Each year, the return of winter brings with it toasty traditions, New Year’s nostalgia, and a seasonal selection of top-tier collectibles! From long-awaited re-releases to upcoming limited editions, this list spotlights 10 of the most popular anime figures that are sure to warm any otaku’s heart—even during the coldest months of the year.

Stronger – Puella Magi Madoka Magica “Rebellion” Movie Ultimate Madoka 1/8-Scale Figure (December 2017)

Stronger – Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Rebelliona – Ultimate Madoka

This flying figure of Ultimate Madoka sculpted by shojo virtuoso Katsuyoshi Miyajima is a 1/8-scale Stronger masterpiece that flows with delicate detail. Madoka’s cherry blossom hair, translucent wings, and blushing cheeks beautifully contrast with the billowing dress of purple stardust lying beneath her plumed heels. Display her intertwined with Devil Homura (releasing May 2018) in your personal collection to capture their eternal bond.

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Kotobukiya – ARTFX J: Yuri!!! on Ice 1/8-Scale Victor Nikiforov Figure (December 2017)

ARTFX J – Yuri!!! on Ice – Victor Nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov’s effortless elegance is gracefully presented with Kotobukiya’s 1/8-scale figure. Seated on a blue park bench with a handsome coat draped over his shoulders, Victor thoughtfully observes his surroundings with a knowing expression. This ARTFX J figure—along with its whimsical Makkachin-shaped tissue box—is a gold-medal prize that any Yuri!!! on Ice fan would gladly add to their collection of anime trophies.

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Good Smile Company – Nendoroid: Is the Order a Rabbit? Chino Figure (December 2017 Re-release)

Nendoroid – Is the Order a Rabbit – Kafuu Chino

Back for a second serving, Good Smile Company’s Chino Nendoroid Re-release captures every magical millimeter of the Rabbit House Café’s bunny-loving barista. With an entire menu of coffee shop accessories and expressions, Chino is ready to recreate her most delightfully adorable anime scenes. And as if her bright blue eyes and tiny hair ribbons aren’t already cute enough, Chino’s kawaii Angora rabbit Tippy hops in to join her—perching atop her owner’s head or snuggling up in an oversize coffee cup.

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Good Smile Company – Hatsune Miku “Racing 2016 Ver.” Figure (January 2018)

GOOD SMILE Racing – Hatsune Miku – Racing 2016 Ver

Good Smile Company’s 1/8-scale Racing Miku replicates every vibrant hue of acclaimed animator Mai Yoneyama’s original 2016 illustration. Miku takes a refreshing pit stop on a pile of slick tires as she shades her shoulders with a matching parasol. Additional pudgy Weight-chan characters help rev Miku up for her next rendezvous on the race track by adjusting her impromptu seat and fetching a much-deserved energy drink, which she gratefully receives in her rainbow-gloved hand.

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Max Factory – Figma: Persona 5 Joker Figure (January 2018)

Figma – Persona 5 Shujinkou
Persona 5’s dashing protagonist steals the honor of being the first character from the game to become a Max Factory Figma! Joined by cat burglar crony Morgana, the

Joker is armed with a gun and knife, intuitive articulations, and an impressive array of facial expressions and parts (including his iconic mask) to recreate his series of “Hold Up!” poses. Be on the lookout for limited-edition sets featuring a bonus All-Out Attack expression for Morgana, and let this dynamic duo sneak into your display!

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Good Smile Company – Sword Art Online 1/8-Scale Asuna “Knights of the Blood Ver.” Figure (January 2018)

Good Smile Company – Sword Art Online Asuna 1 8, Knights of the Blood ver.

Perhaps no figure pays tribute to Asuna’s charm and sword skills like Good Smile Company’s 1/8-scale statue of the Knights of the Blood subleader. Garbed in the colors of her guild, Asuna gracefully leaps into her next skirmish with orange hair flowing as her lithe legs extend in a nimble dash. Wielding her renowned Lambent Light rapier, she seems determined to uphold her oath to protect the one she loves. Look for her to respawn in the figure marketplace this January!

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Orange Rouge – Touken Ranbu Online 1/8-Scale Heshikiri Hasebe Figure (January 2018)

Orange Rouge – Touken Ranbu – Online Heshikiri Hasebe

Orange Rouge honors Heshikiri Hasebe’s dignified demeanor with a 1/8-scale figure, taking their attention to details as seriously as Hasebe takes orders—to the letter. A matte finish subdues the regal purple of his Western-style overcoat, making the glossy gold adornments draping over his broad shoulders all the more striking. Wearing the hint of a smile and holding his famous cabinet-slicing uchigatana at the ready with its red wrap unfurling, Hasebe cuts a calm, composed figure that’s definitely worth recruiting for your collection.

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Good Smile Company – Re:Zero 1/7-Scale Rem Figure (February 2018)

Good Smile Company – ReZero Rem

Good Smile Company’s 1/7-scale Rem figure portrays the younger Roswaal Mansion maid skipping playfully toward her adoring guests. The cute frills and ribbons of her French maid outfit brim with dainty detail, while alternate parts transform Rem into her ominous demon form with a blood-flecked face and emotionally dead eye that reveal horrors in her heart as intimidating as her metal-chain morning star. Place a Milight 316 mini bulb (sold separately) inside her translucent horn for an eerie light-up effect to complete the look!

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Good Smile Company – Fate/Stay Night 1/7-Scale Saber “Triumphant Excalibur” Figure (February 2018 Re-release)

Good Smile Company – Fate Stay Night Saber 1 7, Triumphant Excalibur

Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of Good Smile Company’s Fate/Stay Night collection, Saber “Triumphant Excalibur” is returning to her marketplace throne after nearly six years. This figure’s claim to fame includes being the first official 1/7-scale Saber sculpt and setting the trend of the Invisible Air exchangeable sword accessory, which many Saber figures have since replicated. Leaping into the fray with her legendary blade upraised and a fearless battle cry bursting from her lips, Saber’s look is completed by a battle-worn base bearing the anime’s logo in metallic lettering.

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Aniplex – Your Lie in April 1/8-Scale Kaori Miyazono “Casual Dress Ver.” Figure (February 2018)

Aniplex – Your Lie in April Miyazono Kaori 1 8, Shifuku ver., _Arima Kousei to no Deai

Inspired by character designer Yukiko Aikei’s artwork, Aniplex’s third Kaori Miyazono figure perfectly composes the series’ first key moment—when Kaori pauses playing her melodica to meet eyes with Kousei and forever harmonize their destinies. Additional touches like a flock of five white doves and a base scattered with cherry blossom petals matching Kaori’s breezy camisole dress further capture the anime’s poignant beauty.

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