Hypnosis Mic – Division Ranking Result

If you are a regular on the Otaku Twittersphere, then you will already know about Hypnosis Mic - Division Rap Battle - (known by fans as HypMic). But for those living under a rock for the past year, Hypmic is a mixed-media project that combines anime visuals and rap music with a dystopian background where eponymous Hypnosis Mic is used to harness the human voice as a weapon. The 12 original characters divvied up into three MC groups, rap-battling it out across Tokyo to expand their territorial “Divisions”. The unique concept has been a hit, amassing thousands of dedicated fans around the > Read More

Interview Roundup of Japanese Cosplay Girls at Comiket (Comic Market) 94

Sailor Moon Cosplay Girl Interview Watch our interview with the cosplayer who puts the pretty in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon! 💖 As Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved anime series both in Japan and around the world, it was no surprise that we were able to find many of the Sailor Soldiers at Summer Comiket 94. But this Sailor Moon cosplayer caught our eye with her sexy take on the classic magical girl character. Check out our interview with this cosplay girl. Click to find your own Sailor Moon cosplay and more! Love Live! Honoka and Kotori Cosplay Girls > Read More

Pokemon Countdown Videos for Aspiring Pokemon Masters

Top-Earning Pokemon Movies Do you know which Pokemon film grossed the most? 💭 Join us now as we take a moment to sit back and reminisce about all the nostalgic Pokemon movies we've loved. In this chill video, we look back over 20 years of Pokemon theatrical releases and count down to the title that performed best at its domestic box office. Did you guess correctly? We must say, we weren't exactly surprised 😉 If you haven't seen all of these movies, why not indulge yourself by adding some to your watch list? Search for Pokemon DVD Search for Pokemon blu-ray Master Rank Cute > Read More

Pokemon Unboxing Videos to Satisfy Your Inner Pokemaniac

Pokemon Sun & Moon Mini Gashapon Ever seen a capsule toy of a mini capsule toy machine?! Sooo meta 🤯 Check out the video above where we assemble this unique little toy and show you how it works! Don't you just love the assortment of Pokemon designs to choose from? We hope so, because the theme of this blog is Pokemon and we're just getting started! After absorbing the awesomeness of this mini capsule toy machine (and perhaps ordering one for yourself through the link below 😏), read on to discover more cool Pokemon stuff! Search for Pokemon Mini-mini Gacha Poke Machine PokeHaul > Read More

Sailor Moon Videos: Products and Characters from the Beloved Magical Girl Series

Unboxing: Sailor Moon Items Japanese Anime Let's take a look at the Sailor Moon items Viktorija ordered through FROM JAPAN! Hey Sailor Moon fans, have you seen our Sailor Moon Item Unboxing Youtube video yet?! If not, you're in for a treat. In this blog post, we'll be showing you nine examples of Sailor Moon items that you can order on FROM JAPAN. Watch Viktorija unbox them one by one in the video and then read on for more in-depth information on each product, along with links to each so you can add them to your collection! Without further ado, let's dive headfirst into the super-cute > Read More

Good Smile Figures: 17 Fan-Favorite Series from GSC

Good Smile Company has established itself as one of the biggest names in the Japanese figure market, having created thousands of collectibles for fans of anime, manga, video games, mecha, and more. But with six in-house series and distribution deals with several of the industry’s leading Japanese brands, collectors may wonder where to begin. To help you with your collection quest, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of Good Smile figure series that will surely put a smile on your face plate! > Read More

Akira Merch: Rare Collectibles from Japan’s Explosive Masterpiece

Over three decades ago, Akira transcended its genre with breathtaking artistry and a daring exploration of darker social-political themes. The manga's success was instrumental in spreading otaku culture beyond Japan, and today both the original manga and its cinematic adaptation are considered iconic masterpieces. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the anime release, so in commemoration of this monumental milestone we’ve put together a list of hard-to-find Japanese merchandise and limited-edition collaborations for fans of Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo’s most explosive work. > Read More

Cosplay Wig Care: How to Wash, Store, & Keep Your Wig Damage Free

Cosplaying as your favorite anime characters is a special part of otaku culture, and when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your costume, a wig can make or break your look. Once you’ve purchased a cosplay wig, it’s time to learn how to take care of it. To help you understand the ins and outs of cosplay wig care, we’ve put together this guide of essential information that will keep your wig fresh and ready to go for your next event! > Read More

10 Fresh Anime Figure Releases to Own in Spring 2018

There’s no better way to celebrate the season of new beginnings than with fresh fandom merch! From chart-topping releases to highly anticipated series additions, we’re showcasing 10 of the most popular anime figures of Spring 2018. > Read More

Studio Ghibli Figurines Based on the Films of Hayao Miyazaki

Whether Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces have provided you with magical childhood memories or instilled a lifelong passion for Japanese anime culture, the genius and studio who brought us Totoro, Kiki, and Ponyo have set a very high bar for what Japanese animation can achieve both in storytelling and artwork. Keeping playful pace with this catalog of acclaimed films, Studio Ghibli figurines condense award-winning artistry into an appealing array of high-end collectibles designed for fans of all ages. And while we can only skim the surface of merchandise available in Japan, we’ve put together a > Read More