Shibuya 109 Shop Showcase: Top 10 Popular Fashion Brands

Shibuya 109 (called “Ichi Maru Kyu in Japanese) is one of the most iconic fashion destinations for young women in Japan. The high-rise building and large 109 sign have become a familiar part of the Tokyo landscape along with the famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko statue. > Read More

Japanese School Uniform Obsessed? What to Wear, Where to Buy

Along with the kimono, one of the most recognized outfits from Japan is the standard Japanese school uniform. Thanks to anime and manga, the traditional sailor styled uniform is synonymous with Japan and something that even people outside Japan want to wear themselves, either for cosplay or as a fashion-forward statement. Whether cosplayer or not, options are flourishing especially for women who want to buy a Japanese school girl outfit. The Internet has made it possible for anybody to indulge in their cute Japanese fashion obsession. > Read More

Japanese Clothing and Shoe Sizing Guide: Important for Online shopping

If coming from Western countries, Japanese clothing sizes can be perplexing. While a girl may usually wear a size small in the U.S. (a size 4/UK size 8), in Japan they wear a large! And “one-size” (as in one-size-fits-all) almost never fits a Western girl, unless it’s a hat of course! While this can be a blow to the ego, at the end of the day it’s not the number on the tag that matters, but how you look and feel while wearing the clothes. > Read More

Japanese Fans and Umbrellas: A Lovely Tradition

Japan is well renowned for beautiful traditional buildings and shrines. Part of that old aesthetic is traditional Japanese fans and umbrellas. These fans and umbrellas are still seen and used to this day, especially in the cultural capital of Kyoto. However, the questions many have are what are they, where did they come from and when did people use them? > Read More

The Most Popular New and Used Japanese Cosplay Costumes Shops

Cosplay (or “costume play”) costumes is one of Japan’s biggest trends, where fanboys and fangirls wear costumes based on their favorite anime and video game characters. As an art form and hobby, cosplay costumes has spread around the world, and, today, cosplayers regularly attend conventions called “Cons,” where they meet others in costume, gather for photoshoots, participate in contests, and make unforgettable memories. While some cosplayers like to sew their own costumes and build their own props, many do not have the time, knowledge, or resources to do so. For those who want to purchase > Read More

All about Kimono and Yukata: The Differences, How To Wear & Buy

Kimono and yukata are traditional Japanese garments that have charmed people around the world with their beauty, style, and traditional aesthetic. They are full-length T-shaped robes that have long sleeves and are secured in place with a decorative belt. There are many specific rules for when and how to wear kimono and yukata, known as kitsuke. The rules for kimono are much stricter as they are considered formalwear, while rules for wearing yukata are more relaxed. > Read More

Sailor Moon cotton bags

Village Vanguard will sell two limited and cute Sailor Moon cotton tote bags starting late April ! Two designs are available, one with Sailor Moon and one with wands and compacts. These bags are 38x38cm and will cost only 600 yen each ! They will be sold at the 28 shops and also on their online store very soon! > Read More

Unveiling the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack 2015

The Liz Lisa fukubukuro, one of the most popular fashion lucky packs for women in Japan, was recently released on January 2, 2015. > Read More

9 Pieces of Sailor Moon Merchandise You Absolutely Must Have

Few Japanese franchises have been as influential as Sailor Moon. As an award-winning manga, Sailor Moon helped redefine the “magical girl” genre. As an anime, the series helped to cultivate the acceptance, and popularity, of anime in the United States and around the world. Today, Sailor Moon is lauded as one of the best-selling, most recognized influences of Japanese animation in Western culture. A star-studded array of Sailor Moon merchandise is mass produced each year to please the franchise’s enormous fanbase. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most unique, beautiful, and popular > Read More

S-Rank Memorabilia: a Guide to Unique, Japan-Exclusive Naruto Merchandise

If you’re into manga and anime, you’ve most certainly heard about Naruto—the spikey-haired, orange-suited ninja with dreams as big as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As the third best-selling manga franchise of all time, Naruto has made itself readily available through multiple outlets—books, anime, movies, figurines, and more. > Read More