Sailor Moon cotton bags

Village Vanguard will sell two limited and cute Sailor Moon cotton tote bags starting late April ! Two designs are available, one with Sailor Moon and one with wands and compacts. These bags are 38x38cm and will cost only 600 yen each ! They will be sold at the 28 shops and also on their online store very soon! > Read More

Unveiling the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack 2015

The Liz Lisa fukubukuro, one of the most popular fashion lucky packs for women in Japan, was recently released on January 2, 2015. > Read More

9 Pieces of Sailor Moon Merchandise You Absolutely Must Have

Few Japanese franchises have been as influential as Sailor Moon. As an award-winning manga, Sailor Moon helped redefine the “magical girl” genre. As an anime, the series helped to cultivate the acceptance, and popularity, of anime in the United States and around the world. Today, Sailor Moon is lauded as one of the best-selling, most recognized influences of Japanese animation in Western culture. A star-studded array of Sailor Moon merchandise is mass produced each year to please the franchise’s enormous fanbase. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most unique, beautiful, and popular > Read More

S-Rank Memorabilia: a Guide to Unique, Japan-Exclusive Naruto Merchandise

If you’re into manga and anime, you’ve most certainly heard about Naruto—the spikey-haired, orange-suited ninja with dreams as big as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As the third best-selling manga franchise of all time, Naruto has made itself readily available through multiple outlets—books, anime, movies, figurines, and more. > Read More

G-Shock x Gundam: The Best G-Shock Watch 2014

G-Shock is undeniably one of the biggest names today when it comes to highly fashionable watches. What makes it a popular choice is the fact that apart from its uniquely stylish aesthetics, it is also very durable and a timepiece that any gender and any age can use. The brand’s owner, Casio, keeps the G-Shock name interesting by continually coming up with editions that mirror the interests and cultures of today's generation in a way that blends seamlessly with the watch’s cutting edge advancements in technology. The G-Shock x Gundam GD-100 Model happens to be one of the company's great > Read More

Japan’s Anime Nails: A Look at the Ultimate Naruto Nails and More!

Japan’s youth culture has never shied away from strange and fascinating fads, including the use of nail art as an extension of their often extreme fashion statements. Recently, a new style of nail art has become the form of expression for the country’s otaku who can afford it—anime nails! > Read More

One Piece x G-Shock: The Perfect Collaboration

G-Shock watches, which offer high resistance to vibration and gravitational shock, are geared toward people with intense, highly active lifestyles, like sports, hiking, and military use. Since the G-Shock began in 1983, it has been an in-demand watch. Less than 10 years after its first model was launched, Casio has sold over 19 million units worldwide. Last year G-Shock celebrated its 30th anniversary, and one of the reasons for its longevity is that the brand regularly issues limited edition timepieces and collector’s watches. > Read More

A Beginners Guide to Japanese Fashion Subcultures for Girls Part 2

Note: Japanese subcultures can be considered vintage, since many of them are inspired by the past. They have distinguishing features from the 1960's all the way up to the 1990's. The American Art Culture plays a big part in Japanese subculture fashion till this day. Yamanba-kei. Considered the rarest amongst Japanese fashion subcultures. This look requires the wearer to apply heavy dark brown makeup to the face, which has also already been tanned along with the entire body. The wearer must then apply white makeup around the eyes and long lashes; some Yamanba actually paint theirs on. The > Read More

A Beginners Guide to Japanese Fashion Subcultures for Girls Part 1

The fashion industry is fast pace and ultra-creative. Every fashionista knows their fashion capitols: New York, Paris, Milan, Miami, and of course Japan! The fashion in Japan is out of this world. They have everything. Japanese fashion subcultures have been revered and copied ever since the 1980’s. This listing should give you an over view of the latest and most up to date of all the Japanese fashion trends. DECORA-kei This trend was spawned by the magazine FRUiTS and made popular by their first cover girl Aki Kobayashi. Dressing Decora style means wearing lots of plastic barrettes, > Read More

An Introduction to Popular Japanese Online Fashion Stores

Online shopping malls used to be considered as a novelty until recently it became a staple part of anyone’s shopping experience. The key benefits of online shopping include better prices, convenience, a discreet and safer shopping experience, and offers a wider variety of products. This is why various consumer analysts were not surprised that the Japanese consumers suddenly behaved like their western counterparts in Europe and America. Online shopping paved its way to the Japanese consumers who are known and celebrated for their willingness to pay any amount in exchange of quality products > Read More